Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So now I am supposed to tell you all which of the 71/2 habits of life long learners is the hardest and which is the easiest for me.

The easy one for me is creating a toolbox especially if it includes information. I love to gather facts and tidbits about a subject. (This is one of the reasons I am a librarian.)

Over the years, as I have taught myself various weaving techniques, I have gathered lots of books, magazines, websites, etc. that have been useful as I have learned double warps, overshot, and other things about weaving. Of course, besides lots of how-to information, I have gathered yarn (a closet full), two looms and lots of other tools. It would be better not to discuss all the stuff that I have accumulated with my family! They think my tool box is much too big.

The hardest life long learner skill for me is having confidence in myself as a learner. I am often second guessing my abilities and even though I have been weaving since 1978, I would hestiate and look up more information before I would offer to teach you to weave. Not that I would refuse, I just would want to brush up on those skills one more time before sitting down with a student.

Thanks for the opportunity to think this out. And thanks also to Pamunkey for the opportunity to play. This is fun.

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