Friday, December 21, 2007

I am almost caught up. That is what happens when you do three tasks in one afternoon. If you go to the very bottom of my blog, you will see my Rollyo list.

Eventually, I will stop hoping that hand weaving and computers have any links to each other. I know that there are looms that are operated by computers, but there are very few links on the web to actual weaving and weavers. So my first Rollyo was not very helpful.

However I made a Rollyo on RA. I am hoping I find that more useful.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

My creation
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Three tries must be the charm. This is what I created with FD toys.
I played with Cool Text and the Generator Blog. As you can see to the left, I have managed to post a date from the Generator Blog. I made an image on the Cool Text generator, but could not make it do what I wanted it to do.

I wanted to post it here. I just couldn't make it work. So instead I tried another generator and I did no better with that one. I guess I will come back to this after I talk to some other staff.

At least I got the countdown to work.
So now, I am working on the 9th thing which makes me about four weeks behind on Pamunkey's 20 things. The 9th thing was feeds - again. I am not sure what I was supposed to gain here. I tried all four tools that were suggested and the first time round I used the term public libraries.

To be honest, I did not find much that interested me. I think it was the terms I used. Maybe public libraries are just not of great interest except to librarians. ;>)

So I went back and tried books and reading. Much, much better. I found a number of blogs to read; some best of 2007 lists and a couple of news articles. Obviously I have learned two things - try several terms and when people talk about libraries they may not mean a library like PRL.

Friday, December 07, 2007

I am so glad we have gotten to Library Thing. I never wanted to be a cataloger, but I love Library Thing. I have been a lifetime member since May 2007. I do not have all of my books in my library yet, but what is in there might surprise you.

I buy adult fiction for Pamunkey and have a great time doing it. Also if you looked at my reading log, you would see that I read mostly fiction. So wouldn't it make sense that my library at Library Thing would tend to be fiction?

I have put random books on the left hand side of this page. I think this service from Library Thing is fun. Plus it proves that I have added at least five books so I have completed my 8th thing.

However, when you look over there - what do you see? I have 271 books in my library and 260 of them have the tag non-fiction. This is a good reflection of my personal library. SO, what books did you add to Library Thing?

Monday, December 03, 2007

I suspect that I will eventually catch up on my 20 Things, I think I am only a couple of weeks behind.
Has anyone found that having the RSS feeds are helping them keep up with the world? I am subscribed to these feeds through Bloglines:
About Contemporary Literature
Blogging for a Good Book
Bloglines News
NYT Book Review
The Shifted Librarian
Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology

But now I have to remember to go and read them. How have you integrated RSS into your life? I am really looking for some help here. Thanks, Patty