Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, I am trying to catch up with our 20 things. So I just spent time on My Space. It is not the place for me, unfortunately.

There are plenty of people with my name, but no real way for me to find my favorite hobby - weaving. I tried weaving, handweaving, looms and even yarn. I suspect that looms and handweaving are not something that many My Spacers lists.

I have many family members on Facebook. Some day maybe I will try there.

Although I can see the attraction of all these places, I will save my computer time for some other sites, blogs, wikis, etc.

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Katie said...

Patty, check out It's a great social network for fiber artists, though it's primarily knitting and crocheting. I'm sure there are a bunch of weavers on there, too.